Alleviating generational material & spiritual poverty in northern panama

one community  AT A TIME

Spiritual Growth

We build relationships and partner with the community we serve to strengthen those who know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to share the Gospel with those who do not.

Education & Training

We collaborate with students, schools, churches and families to provide educational support and training with the love and dignity only the Gospel can provide. 


We live in and share our lives with the community in order to build relationships that leads to opportunities, individually or in small groups, to mentor those in the community .


We collaborate with local churches, pastors, community members, businesses, and residents to provide safe, secure, and sanitary homes for community members in need.

What’s Happening at Vecinos

Gravel Road

Thousands of families are living in poverty

You can help break the cycle of poverty in these forgotten communities.

Your Partnership Helps Families thrive

Spiritual Growth

The community will grow and strengthen thier relaitonship with God.

Education & Training

Children will get the education support needed to change their future. Adults will get the training needed to secure a better future.


Create a community that supports each other and future generations.


Families will live in a safe, sanitary, and secure home.

Ways to partner with us


Join us in praying over our leaders, communities, and families. Stay updated by joining our mailing list, email


Make your tax deductible donation online or with Zelle. Tell a friend to check out Vecinos Ministries.


Contact us to find out more about serving in Panama. We welcome groups or individuals for short term trips or internships. 


You become a giving partner

We help restore families and communities

They finally break the poverty cycle

community building

Thousands of families in the Northern Panama area struggle with generational spiritual and material poverty and see no way out. Vecinos ministries partners with communities to provide basic needs, education, and restoration to help these families finally break the poverty cycle and change the future for generations to come.